Apprenticeship Program

Apprentices are the backbone of every blacksmith’s shop, and essential to everyday operation. While we can not currently offer a paid position, in exchange for two days a week of your time we can offer access to tools and equipment plus the student materials.


Build your portfolio

Audit and assist classes covering a swath of projects and crafts. Blades/art/fabrications you create are yours to keep or sell in our storefront.

Build your skillsets

Bladesmithing, blacksmithing, fabrication, woodwork - level them up with the plethora of random projects and problems to be solved.

Your duties may include but are not limited to:
- Assisting with regular and guest classes
- Cleaning the shop
- Maintaining tools and equipment
- Learning all the safety procedures/measures of all tools and equipment
- Fabricating shelves, supports, benches, and similar simple necessities
- Keeping inventory of materials/stocks

To apply please send your resume and cover letter to

Experience with knifemaking, bladesmithing, or blacksmithing not required but encouraged.