Blades for sale

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W2 integral pig sticker with hamon, Impregg, and ebony

Hand forged W2 high carbon steel blade with integral guard. Handle is my own cast Impregg handle material (sanitized crushed egg shell, mica powder, and G-Flex epoxy) and ebony. The Impregg material is translucent in the thinner areas around the guard. 



Camp knife

Hand forged S7 high carbon steel camp knife with integral guard. Impregg handle (crushed egg shell, mica powder, and G-Flex epoxy) and wenge insert. This knife features a forged thumb rest that gives you unparalleled control over the blade for most tasks. For smaller hands.



Reforged file fighter

This blade was forged from a large Nicholson file, so it is quality W1 high carbon steel. Handle is a stacked twisted mosaic wood of purpleheart, reclaimed teak, and reclaimed walnut. Bolster is cast mica powder and G-Flex epoxy.