I offer one-on-one classes with people interested in creating their unique vision under my guidance.

Come in and bring to life the knife, dagger, or sword that's been in the back of your mind all this time. I'll work with you to bring that historical, video game, movie, or fantasy blade to life on your schedule and at your pace. This is where my love of teaching and creating unique blades come together to make your dream blade a reality. No prior forging experience is required. Materials and safety gear are provided, just wear the right clothing, eat a big breakfast, and bring a water bottle; we'll be forging all day. Expect projects to be broken apart over several days/class.
Alternatively, if you want to come in regularly to work towards a comprehensive understanding of the process, starting with the basics and working our way up to larger and more sophisticated damascus blades, that can be arranged through multiple classes.

This is available to adults and children over 10, however a parent must accompany their child.

Classes are held at :
70 Franklin ave
Brooklyn NY 11205

One-on-one classes run anywhere from 10:00am til 10:30pm and are available Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. The exact start/end time is negotiable, I pride myself on accommodating student's schedules.


Learn to Forge a Small Knife - $275

Forge that perfect kitchen, paring, utility, razor, wharncliffe, tanto, dream knife. The limit is a 6" blade and your imagination. Expect to spend anywhere from 12 to 20 hours on your first knife depending on complexity.


Learn to Forge a Medium Knife - $425

Forge a chef, cleaver, camp, fighter, seax, tanto, or survival knife. These blades usually range from 6" to 14" and take between 16 and 26 hours depending on how ambitious you are.


Learn to Forge a Large Knife - $675

Forge a machete, cleaver, pig-sticker, fighter, seax, wakazashi, or dagger of your choice. These blades usually range from 14" to 24" and take between 24 and 34 hours to complete. Previous experience recommended but not required.



You must fill out a waiver for this class found here https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CLdq_6UDbnbBl7bDucVhuyH_lGyICJk5JMY66Qf5y4Q/edit?usp=sharing

Calendar is for reference, email or call to reserve your time slot

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