I offer small or personal classes with people interested in creating their unique vision under my guidance.

Come in and bring to life the knife or sword that's been in the back of your mind all this time. I'll work with you to bring that historical, video game, movie, or fantasy blade to life on your schedule and at your pace. This is where my love of teaching and creating unique blades come together to make your dream blade a reality. No prior forging experience is required. Materials and safety gear are provided, just wear the right clothing and bring a big water bottle.

Expect projects to be broken apart over several (non-consecutive) days/classes. Each class session is 4 hours. Additional time beyond what's estimated will be discussed on a per-project basis; this is very rarely necessary.

Bring a friend or loved one along to make it a two student class for a discount.

Ask about our teambuilding exercises for you and your coworkers - fun one or two day projects you’ll be boasting about for years.

This is available to adults and children over 10, however a parent must accompany their child.

Email me at info@TheoRockNazz.com to book a class

Classes are held at Industry City, 34 34th st, Brooklyn 11232

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Learn to Forge a Small Knife - $650

Up to 5" blade length. Expect to spend about six class sessions on your first knife depending on complexity. Make this in damascus for an additional $325.

Learn to Forge a Medium Knife - $850

5" to 11" blade. Expect to spend about seven class sessions on your first knife depending on complexity. Make this in damascus for an additional $425.

Learn to Forge a Large Knife - $1050

11" to 22" blade. Expect to spend about nine class sessions on your first large knife depending on complexity. Previous bladesmithing experience highly recommended. Make this in damascus for an additional $525.

Learn to Forge a Sword - $1450

Any blade length. Expect to spend about eleven class sessions depending on complexity. Previous bladesmithing experience highly recommended. Make this in damascus for an additional $725.

Couple’s Knife Class - $1100

Forge two steak knives or one large cake knife together. Expect to spend anywhere from 26 to 44 hours on your first knives depending on complexity. 


You must fill out a waiver for this class found here:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hnH2tj1s4NoxD6HdWjTDPFVnBDZmmnfMwyirhGAqMZk/edit?usp=sharing

Use the calendar for reference, then email me to confirm/book your days at info@TheoRockNazz.com

Expect class days to be non-sequential. If you require all your class days in a row email me and we'll figure out a schedule.

("Booked" or "Open" refers to the whole day)

Purchased classes are only refundable at the teacher's discretion.

If you purchased your class on CourseHorse, then our cancellation policy applies to your purchase. If you need help cancelling or have any questions, please visit the CourseHorse site in New York and contact their customer service team.


Absence and rescheduling:

48 hours notice of class absence is required, and each student is allotted two reschedulings per project. After two missed/rescheduled classes a $75 fee is applied per each day missed.

What to wear and bring:

Only wear natural fiber clothing, no synthetics or blends. Jeans and leather shoes are a requirement. I recommend bringing a T-shirt and a long sleeve shirt. Make sure your pant cuffs go over the tops of your shoes, and there are no holes in any of your clothing. 
Wear only clothing that you can part with, for it may be destroyed. You will not get to forge if you do not follow these rules.

If you have your own respirator please bring it, otherwise you will be supplied with one (that you will be responsible for bringing to and from class).

When transporting knives please use a knife roll/case, or tightly wrap it in a towel, and make sure to put a small luggage lock on your bag.

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