We host guest teachers to come teach classes featuring their unique design or technique. 

Take your knives, axes, and swords to the next level with these specialized classes from well known names in the industry!

Classes are available to adults and children over 16, however a parent must accompany a child under 18.

Check calendar for availability, these classes pop up and book fast!

Ask about our teambuilding exercises for you and your coworkers - fun one or two day projects you’ll be boasting about for years.

Email me at info@TheoRockNazz.com to book a class

Classes are held at Industry City, 34 34th st, Brooklyn 11232

Slipjoint Folding Knife Class - $400

Join Jan Muchnikoff at Nazz Forge for a four night class that covers the essentials behind a slip joint folder. Design, grind, heat treat, and assemble your very own everyday-use tool that will serve you well for years to come. 

Class is every Tuesday night starting the first of every month, and runs from 6:30pm til 9:30pm with extra time granted if need be.

Intro to Bladesmithing: Utility Knife Class - $300

Join bladesmith Justin Kirck at Nazz Forge for this fun two Saturday class! Cover everything from forging, beveling, grinding, heat treating, handling and sharpening. Choose from three blade styles depending on use . Can accommodate groups of four friends/family. You will walk away with a practical and effective tool that'll be a great foundation for further bladesmithing projects. More information about Justin here: https://justintheblacksmith.com/

Intro to Bladesmithing: Railroad Spike Knife Class - $400

Learn to forge bladesmith Andy Alm's signature drop point railroad spike knife in this fun two day class at Nazz Forge. This is the perfect introduction to swinging a hammer, grinding, and heat treating knives. Walk away with stylish and practical tool that's 100% you! More information aboutAndy here: https://www.andyalm.com/


Leather Sheath Making Class - $150

The perfect follow-up to the knife you made; join bladesmith Justin Kirck at the Nazz Forge for an in-depth and hands-on lesson in crafting a custom leather knife sheath. Bring your own knife and learn every step from punching and stitching to dyeing and waxing. All materials, tools, and safety equipment supplied; just bring water and a snack, and warm clothes. Add $150 for crafting a sword sheath. Email to book a time slot. More information about Justin here: https://justintheblacksmith.com/



COMING SOON - Intro to Blacksmithing: Forging Flowers and Leaves with Kyle McCormick

Join blacksmith Kyle McCormick at Nazz Forge for a one-day blacksmithing fundamentals class where you'll cover everything from safety to smithing essentials. Walk away with fun ferrous flora to flout about!
Group classes of up to four people can be arranged. More information about Kyle here: WorkshopMcCormick.com

Knife Sharpening Class - $100

Join knifemaker Jim Merola at Nazz forge for an evening of honing. Bring up to three knives under 10", and learn how to turn them into razors in the kitchen or field. Can offer group classes of up to four. The class concludes with practice cutting.

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You must fill out a waiver for this class found here:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hnH2tj1s4NoxD6HdWjTDPFVnBDZmmnfMwyirhGAqMZk/edit?usp=sharing

Use the calendar for reference, then email me to confirm/book your days at info@TheoRockNazz.com

Expect class days to be non-sequential. If you require all your class days in a row email me and we'll figure out a schedule.

("Booked" or "Open" refers to the whole day)

Purchased classes are only refundable at the teacher's discretion.

If you purchased your class on CourseHorse, then our cancellation policy applies to your purchase. If you need help cancelling or have any questions, please visit the CourseHorse site in New York and contact their customer service team.

What to wear and bring:

Only wear natural fiber clothing, no synthetics or blends. Jeans and leather shoes are a requirement. I recommend bringing a T-shirt and a long sleeve shirt. Make sure your pant cuffs go over the tops of your shoes, and there are no holes in any of your clothing. 
Wear only clothing that you can part with, for it may be destroyed. You will not get to forge if you do not follow these rules.

If you have your own respirator please bring it, otherwise you will be supplied with one (that you will be responsible for bringing to and from class).

When transporting knives please use a knife roll/case, or tightly wrap it in a towel, and make sure to put a small luggage lock on your bag.

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